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Platters are perfect when you're having a gathering or party.
The bite sized cookies can match your party's theme and colors.
They also make great appreciation gifts to a large group.
A definite conversation starter.    

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30 Year Anniversary

      Spring Flowers


Tailgate  Party

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       Soccer Party

Welcome Baby

Rubber Ducky

   Thanks Everyone

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Clown Fish

Pastel Flowers


Happy Fall Ya'll


Go Team


All Paws Football Fluer de lis Ladybugs & Flowers
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Roll The Dice  Princess Crowns Bachelorette Party All Hearts
Rail Road Crossing Tool Time Fish and Stars Party Hats
Saints Fan  Flowers & Butterflies Mardi Gras Sports
Pink Ribbon Howdy Cowboy Baby Feet Happy Stars
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Wedding Rings Summer Fun Love You Turtle Time
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Pony Party Mouse Ears Beauty Shop Happy Teeth
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Sailboats Flower & Monogram Sea Creatures Cats & Dogs
wpe22.jpg (198078 bytes) wpe24.jpg (199747 bytes) wpe23.jpg (179904 bytes) wpe25.jpg (162351 bytes)
Insects Fireman Cards & Dice Purse & Shoes
wpe2F.jpg (193211 bytes) wpe30.jpg (158028 bytes) wpe31.jpg (24153 bytes) wpe33.jpg (21789 bytes)
Monkeys Graduation Girls Softball Seashells & Hibiscus
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Cowgirl Pets Superbowl Combs, Purses & Lips

This is just a small sample of the platters we offer.


Cookie Platters


12" Platter- has approximately 30 cookies


16" Platter- has approximately 45 cookies


18" Platter- has approximately 60 cookies


Local Delivery


Mylar Balloon


Latex Balloon








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